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It’s not easy starting a building job in the middle of winter, even in the moderate weather of Victoria.

Our resident weather-nut has worked out around 31 days of rain has occurred on site since starting 43 days ago. Despite clay, mud and riverlets and a touch of frustration, the slab foundations of our Watson Road project in Mt Martha have now been completed.

To counter the bad weather, on the day of the pour the concreters ordered high strength concrete with extra additives to accelerate hardening time, full knowing there may be possible showers later. After the pour, an Armageddon cool change hit with heavy showers, hail and thunder – much stronger than forecast – with bitterly cold, gale force winds. The concreters had to keep smoothing the slab until it was hard enough to not be affected by rain. This is one of the risks of being a concretor; with so many rain days it was hard not to be unlucky.  They went home at 8pm tired, hungry and cold.


The result was a solid slab, which has already received its first polish. The final polish and finish stage will come in a few months’ time.

After enduring all this mud and rain, we need to remind ourselves that the end result will look and feel like this:

Polished concrete floor Hufft Projects

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