Frame it: brand new Watson Road home

The best part of building a home – without doubt – is the completion of frame stage. Months of planning, administration, consultations, money and time go into a job before you get to see, touch and feel the bulk of the thing you are building.

How long does it take to stick build the timber frame? With our team of carpenters from Swell Constructions, the frame for our Watson Road project went up in less than two days. Eight carpenters … TWO days. From a perfectly flat slab rises this magnificent stick structure.

The best bit? The ti-treed views over Balcombe Estuary, toward the sloping hills of north Mt Martha*.

Watson Road frame_north view

A key aspect of this particular project – which features several large, double glazed windows – is the steel framework to strengthen the structure. Where timber frames can be forgiving (in that adjustments can be made on site), with steel, everything needs to be ‘just so’. Our Director and Project Manager, Bruce, pours hours into shop drawings checking and rechecking all measurements. The steel beams and posts are measured, re-measured, constructed off-site before being delivered by crane truck and installed by the guys at Pinnacle Metal Fabrication. In this stage, there is absolutely no room for error. Here good contractors are worth every dollar: even better that they are local to the peninsula.icon-5

With progress (and blue skies) like this, our latest Mode project is set to be built, fully-landscaped, and ready to be on the market in November 2014.

* more photos to come


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