Why architect designed homes are better investments


Investing in architectural design is one important way of maximising your home investment value.

Building a new home or undertaking a substantial renovation is likely to be the most expensive item you ever purchase. While the home is the reward for a lifetime of hard work, it still needs to work for you, by returning on the investment you have made in growth and in enjoyment. In Australia, particularly in urban centres, home-buyers are design-conscious and have increasingly sophisticated taste. They are prepared to pay for the benefits and pleasure gained from living with good design.

Once you live with good design, it’s very hard to live otherwise.

Architects are able to articulate things about spaces that you mightn’t otherwise have noticed.

While one might assume particular qualities are a given – the beautiful light in the kitchen, perhaps – these are the qualities that have been mulled over and deliberately articulated by a designer. Good design surprises.

It’s the difference between wearing an off-the-shelf suit, or one that has been measured, cut and crafted especially for you. It fits you, it moves with you. It lets you live large, but in the most elegant, simple terms.

Once you live in a space that was designed especially to your tastes and in recognition of your needs, this place will continue to bring you joy for years to come. It’s the suit you never really grow out of: timeless, elegant, simple.

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